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TravelGo Bed & Breakfast

TravelGo and TravelGo B&B are the core elements of all our travel systems and technologies.

TravelGo for Bed and Breakfast owners

Specifically designed for Bed and Breakfast owners, TravelGo B&B is a flexible tool allowing owners to setup their entire stock of properties, from pricing to online content. An A to Z complete tool.

TravelGo Systems

A complete set of applications and tools to handle Bed and Breakfast properties (owned or from external providers), holidays creation combining properties, APIs to interact with the system, and more.

TravelGo Management App.

TravelGo application is an advanced management application compared to TravelGo B&B, taking the tour operation management beyond the limits of simple Bread and Breakfast properties management.

Full online sales integration

Enabling a multi-properties platform, the system allows a company to be fully versatile on clients interaction. Every accommodation of a company could have a selling portal with its customised reports, quoting and invoicing, different selling currencies and more.

B2C and B2B selling platform

Easy to choose between these two models, the system allows external connections from resellers to make their own bookings or the entity owner/admin to create internal bookings: using the same logic.

SMS confirmations to the in situ accommodation manager

Integration of real time SMS providers to allow confirmations in real time, not only to the accommodation manager but to the clients and external providers.

Some TravelGo BnB's Details

Accommodation, Transfers, Excursions and Holidays Stock Control

TravelGo B&B not only allows to create and handle your Accommodation Stock, but to add more services to the B&B offer. Creation of holidays containing own B&B properties combined with 3rd party accommodation, including transfers to interconnect properties, and excursions in the area. The stock can be sold: separately, combined in Holidays, or as add-ons to an itinerary. A selling website can be created for each property in stock or just a single one to sell all together,

Creation of Online and Internal bookings using the same logic

Same structure and logic to generate bookings from the selling website, the admin application (TravelGo B&B), and the authorised reseller agencies. Control of concurrent connections to avoid booking's duplicates.

Booking Management

Versatile structure of itineraries, management of documents/mails sent to clients, confimation via SMS/Mail and more.

Intuitive Company Admin

Login as a user with Administrator role allows to: create/update geo locations, create/update the selling entities, manage the users assigned to the selling entities, and more.

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